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Funding Applications

We support various grant schemes to assist
local organisations to improve their communities, organise local events and generally help communities to help themselves.

What Makes a Good Application?

A good way of working out what to say is to put yourself in the funders position. What would you want to know?
Make your application clear and concise, who is applying, how much the project wants and what is if for.

A clear summary gives the impression you know what you’re doing.

• Demonstrate a need for your project.
• Show that your project is well planned.
• Accurately cost your project.
• Provide evidence of good management.
• How will the project make a difference.

A funder you will want to know:

• who will do
• what to
• by whom
• when

As a funder you also want to see you can manage money and use it efficiently. You will want to see a budget. Make sure your application is

• it’s clear
• it’s comprehensive
• it adds up
• it’s realistic
• it shows any other funders involved
• it shows other non-money support. (In kind)

Remember to keep a back-up copy of your application.

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