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Projects We Have Helped

Making the Most of Aden Country Park
The “Making the Most of Aden Country Park” project’s main aim is to make full use of Aden Country Park's rich cultural and environmental resources to improve, regenerate, and sustain the Park for future generations.
Development Worker, Neil Shirran, having developed the Aden Country Park strategic plan is now implementing and delivering on this ambitious plan by encouraging internal and external partners to work together to promote, regenerate, and increase participation and public access to the Aden Country Park and all its amenities.
The success of this project is being measured in numerous ways including a large increase in visitor numbers, an increase in community involvement in the park, and by being recognized as a park of real quality by receiving the prestigious Green Flag Award for the fourth year running.

Buchanhaven Boat Shed
Buchanhaven Harbour [SCIO] Committee member Arthur McKenzie described how BDP helped them with their project.
The Harbour Committee wanted to help preserve the history of the Buchanhaven area and decided building a new boatshed for the local community was a good way to do this. The plan was for local fishermen to use the boatshed to make creels and repair boats, to encourage people to come along and learn these traditional skills and share stories about the harbour and its history.
We had already started fundraising when we met Liz at the ‘Your Choice Your Voice’ event. Since then BDP have played a very important role in helping us with our project. They have helped us successfully apply for other funding including European Fisheries, Awards for All, Shell Small Grants and Area Committee Grants. BDP have been an invaluable source of information and advice on running our group. They also helped us with our
application to become a charity.

Village Halls and Community Facilities
The partnership has worked with a number of villages on capital projects to improve an existing facility that meets an identified need in the community. Groups have been supported to ensure they are appropriately set up and are in a position to attract funding and offering hands on help.
During the year, BDP worked with several halls and community facilities, including
St Combs, St John’s, St Fergus, Ritchie Hall, Rora Hall, Buchanhaven Hall and Boddam Hall.

Mintlaw and Central Buchan Initiative was established to address the lack of sport, recreational and leisure facilities in the Central Buchan area as identified by a Planning for Real exercise and Community Planning. The project was to build a multi purpose centre, with sport as its key focus, to service the communities of Central Buchan. The long awaited building was opened to the public in March 2014.
BDP worked with the group since the early stages, once the building became operational our role was a supporting and enabling one, providing support to the management team and volunteers. We continued to work with the board to enable them to identify and access funding to progress the facility and furbish the interior, gym, cafe, soft play area and outdoor area.

Working hard at MACBI

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